Damn you, all you damn mosquitoes!

J has dengue. Sigh.

He’s got a fever, a rash and everything else that comes with it.

I went to his house to take care of him. He’s one grouchy manja patient.

Chased away 4 birds who are plaguing him by ‘gossiping’ outside his window every evening. Haha. So there you go, I chased them away when they made noise.

There’s not supposed to be any actual treatment except for water and paracetamol.

Chinese medicine says otherwise. Take your pick.

a. Ground porcupine spine powder.

b. Steamed frog and bittergourd juice.

Ah well… have to try it all. ๐Ÿ™‚

I want him to be better like crazy. I’m dying to hug the hell out of him and be hugged too.

2006 was an amazing year. I really need 2007 to be great too.

I really need God to let J and I both pass the CLP.

Cause I want 2008 to be great too – I wanna be called to the Bar then.

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