Paintin’ the Town Red

Ok. Not the town but J’s room. Not red but cream. But what the heck.

About ‘painting the town red’… too much of a nerd to do so la. Clubbing is nice and all but I hate that after effect smell my hair can’t get rid off for at least 36 hours and dressing up is really hard since I’ve put on 4 kgs in UK. ๐Ÿ™

Really loving making over J’s room. The secret interior design fetish I have is unleashed! Hahaha.. been rearranging everything and thinking of ways to spruce things up even more.

Anyway really fun running through all of J’s stuff. The poor thing. Ended up teasing him and stuff but mostly just discovered more things to love him for.

PS: Don’t worry dear I promise to make your room RARGET.

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