Hmm… So I went to see Tunku the musical with J last night. Not so much about Tunku as about the years when Tunku was our PM and a love story set in that period ala Titanic-Kate/Leo.

Must say I enjoyed myself. KLPAC was gorgeous. Really wanna catch a few more performances if I can. I always find it hard to criticise live performances since I feel they put in so much effort to do it and have the guts to sing etc.

There was a dance rape scene that kinda shocked me. Well there were some pretty unorthodox positions. Hahaha… I’m old fashioned I guess. Anyway don’t see why Gwen Stefani had probs from some group of Islamic Students for some costumes she may or may not wear, when they can show stuff like this.

Which reminds me, I must go find that video on youtube that’s causing a mini-hoohar over here. Some Negaraku..kuku.. thingy majig.

So I won’t get in trouble for my blog title – I must clarify, I don’t think Tunku was kuku. 😀

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