A Shameless Couch Potatoes’ Rantings

Nyahahaha.. I’m sooooo looking forward to the new Fall Season TV to begin in America. I’ve been dying without my weekly dose of Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives and ANTM.

Honestly if it wasn’t for downloading, I would have died of boredom in Bristol when it came to TV shows. Honestly, Lad to Ladette? So not ANTM. Big Brother? So not Amazing Race/Survivor.

Even BNTM which is just the Brit version of ANTM is really not up to par. I mean the models use words like ‘horriblest’, for goodness’ sake!

Of course, this is the first time there’s no Gilmore Girls. Boo… though I totally get why not. The storylines were being stretched a bit too far. The whole Luke/Lorelai thing was really over done and I hated Luke’s daughter April. The actress just got on my nerves.

However, she will be in a new show call Miss Guided as a minor character and despite that I’m seriously looking forward to the show. The trailer is really really funny.

Next on my must-watch-waiting-list is Pushing Daisies which looks really funny as well. Its a dark comedy about a guy who can bring people back to life with a single touch, but his second touch will end their lives for good.

There’s another show called Cashmere Mafia that’s supposed to be a Sex and The City replacement. There are some fab faces on it like Lucy Liu and Miranda Otto but the trailer was only so-so.


In conclusion… can’t wait for Fall!

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