Ta-daaa.. an entry at last.

I have to blog because a little bird has been twittering in my ear, saying that my blog oughta be updated more often.

Anyway I went to IKEA today, and had meatballs (always good), salmon (always delicious)and a new chicken thingy (horrid).

I bought a new lamp (or rather I bought a lamp for the 3rd time, left the first 2 to my sis when I left UK). Didn’t check it properly, it had a hole at the bottom of the lamp! Suffice to say, J refuses to go back and swap it for a new one.

Anyway whilst in IKEA I had an “I’m old” moment, a little tiny fart bout 2 years old, toddled up to me, pointed at me and told his parents ‘AUNTIE Coming!’ [I assume he meant AUNTIE in the way] and his dad replied ‘Jie jie la’

Sigh… {{{{{{ >.< }}}}} J quickly “reassured” me that Toddlers don’t lie.

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