Easy Peasy

Whenever anyone asks me “How’s it going with you and Jason?”

I always say “Its so easy”.

Not easy in a “That exam question was easy” way but in a “I love how smooth going this ride” is way.

I mean everyone has squabbles and tiffs, yes sure, but what I treasure most is the fact that 2 minutes or 2 hours later, its always solved, its always giggles and laughter over it. If it isn’t , it doesn’t even matter because we both still know that our relationship is strong enough to withstand these petty things.

I love knowing that I don’t have to try, I don’t have to fear, Jason will be Jason and everything is going to be fine.

Well, I guess this entry doesn’t have any purpose, but I just want to take time to say Thanks to Anyone Up There for sending me him, and to Jason for being Jason.

[I love you, Sayang]

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