Sam Who?

I’m experimenting with new shows at the moment. Really didn’t want to after the disastrous overdrama Bionic Woman and trying-too-hard Reaper.

I’ve finally found another cute series to ikut!

Samantha Who! Starring Christina Applegate who was brilliant as Rachel’s sister Amy in Friends, and now plays a character just like Amy but with a twist. The series starts after Samantha is involved in a car accident and 8-day-coma later, she wakes up with Amnesia. So, the series is about Sam finding out that she was basically a mean bee-atch and trying to be a better person.

Anyway as she says, its hard to change, when your past keeps yanking you from the future into your present!

The best dialogue so far is from Episode 5, when Sam gets advice from her bimbotic best friend, Andrea.

A: Someone has daddy issues

S: Who? … Oh! Me? No. What do you mean?

A: It’s your need for attention, you didn’t get enough of daddy’s love as a child.

S: I get plenty of attention from my Dad. I mean just tonight we were … [pause].. just tonight he didn’t listen to me at all!

[Andrea nods.]

S: Oh my God! No, this is not good! I don’t wanna have daddy issues!

A: Yes, you do.

S: No, I don’t. I would like to have a good relationship with my father

A: No, you don’t. Now you listen to me, there are a lot of pretty girls, we’re hot. Why?… We’re damaged, and you wanting more attention than you could ever possibly get… that is your drive. It is why you’re successful. Don’t ever ever fix your daddy issues. Otherwise you’re just gonna be some woman on a couch, sitting there watching tv next to your husband eating ice cream sandwiches.

It must be kinda wrong that I think Andrea makes sense. ;P Hahaha.

Also… Sookie’s back! Yeay!!!

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