Let’s play Catch-Up

Hmm.. yes, blogging drought again. But then, its like I have had some inspiring moments, like a snapshot of the movie poster for “The Tattoist” that stated in huge bold font

“THE CURSE BEGINS APRIL 17” [ my birthday :)]

Gossip Girl is also getting juicier and juicier.. seriously.. loving Geor-gina, (I like to make it rhyme with vagina in my head :)) Also love watching Jenny Humphrey getting crushed by Blair! Muaaahahahah… (Fishing for change at a fountain. Brilliant… I thought stealing was the lowest she’d go)I also love the latest acronym I’ve learned from Gossip Girl.. C U Next Tuesday!

I also smell Derek and Meredith getting back together on Grey’s Anatomy. Finally.

Anyway… I’ve been sick yet again. My immune system seems to have given up to the Evil Skrine Flu Blug…

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