I kid you not… but come to Petaling Jaya for a holiday!

Hahaha.. I know I’ve always been a loyal PJ gal, but I never thought this would ever happen.

There are hotels in PJ sure, if you wanna count Lisa De Inn a.k.a Chicken Farm to gossipy (hopefully over-imaginative) Malaysians and of course PJ Hilton.

What I never thought would happen would be this place – The Seapark Brickhouse!!!

Hahaahahah.. seriously, I live pretty near Seapark, I swear by the best Chicken Rice in the world, as well as the marvelous Duck Rice at Sunrise.

Now though, you can have a chill out escape from daily life right here!

I can’t believe that amongst the attractions, Taman Aman is heavily photographed, but ah well, it is Seapark after all. It is nice and affordable though! RM150 per night.

Also, for the voyeur in you, you get to bathe outdoors! Just imagine, in Seapark, Petaling Jaya, bathing outdoors! Peewheeet!

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