No Scriptwriters No No!

It’s always nice to watch a movie with really really low expectations, cause you’ll always find yourself liking the movie a bit more. (Bar Final Destination 4 and Rush Hour 3)

So… when I watched Speed Racer, it was definitely not as bad as I thought it could have been.

The Wachowski Brothers’ preachiness really permeated through and through.

The sad part is, unlike Matrix 1, but like Matrix 2 and 3, there was even less to ground their preachiness on.

So… it resulted in lines that sounded something like this:

1. You don’t drive to become a driver, you drive because you’re driven.

2. Close your eyes, Speed (says Rex Racer to Speed whilst Speed is gripping onto the Steering Wheel)

3. The car is a living breathing thing, just close your eyes and listen, you’ll know what she needs (the car is completely dead at this point of the movie)

4. When you drive, its like art… it’s so beautiful, thank you darling!

5. (By winning the race) He’s not going to change the world, he already has.

Sigh… take it easy people. it’s just racing, it’s not a religion or something. I really hope Mat Rempits don’t incorporate the junk from the film into their daily mantra.

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