Killer Lines

Hahahah.. watching AusNTM.

Judge: “Have you heard of the artist Botticelli?”
Model: “Mmmhmm…”
Judge: “Beautiful feminine soft women…?”
Model: “Mmmhmm…”
Judge: “Cause you’re more “Jelly-Botty”

Oh No!!! AHahahahah I had to add this on!

2 models enter the room.
One’s caucasion. The other Indian Mixed.
Judges ask them to list 5 reasons why they are better than each other.
The Caucasion one answers :”I’m taller.. I’m WHITER!”

Wth? Way to offend every audience member in the very first episode!

Oh God!!! I have to add this one too!

Models told to play different types of spies. So one’s assigned to be “astronaut-spy”
No money won for the person who guesses why she gets termed “ASStronaut”

Gosh.. they are not easy on us chubby ones on AUSNTM

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