I had a random conversation with my friends the other day, and someone said that in Indian Culture it was once considered alright for a girl to marry her mother’s brother, i.e. her uncle. Eew right?

Then we went and analysed, what would it be like if we did?

First awful analysis:

You and your kids will call the same people “Grandpa” and “Grandma”!

Second gross analysis:

Your grandmother would become your mother-in-law!

Third killer analysis:

Your mother would be your sister-in-law!


  1. Damn eew right?

    But I guess it all boiled down to how they viewed girls back then. A burden to the family, need dowry, better marry them off ASAP bla bla bla.

    You can’t start any place nearer than home right? Thus the uncle being a possible candidate. The dowry also would then still be part of the fam.

    (one of my grandma’s sisters is actually married to an uncle!)

    Fist-cousin marriages were also common I think…

  2. Whoa… hhaahah I’m alright with it and all. Just that if it were me… *shivers* heehee

  3. maybe u should marry jx….

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