Through the Mind’s Eye

I had a long (and way too loud) conversation with Nick about 5 minutes ago, we’re now rushing to blog/bitch about it.

Well… I guess the mind’s eye of some ought to wear prescription glasses.

Guided by what they think is logic/mathematical theories, people often trip in a haze of so-called rationality.

Of course some would be quick to say, “Oh… so and so is small minded etc.” in a “Phoebe-from-Friends” inspired tone.

I’d actually say, “I’m open but I’m not dim.”

So it started whilst we were watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory (love this show), and Nick made a comment about Star Trek, and how his friend had arguments with him over whether Star Trek could exist, in its exact replica somewhere out there.

I do not subscribe to this HYPOTHESIS.

Yes, I believe that anything could exist. Yes, I believe there could be alien life form. There could be ghosts. There could be whatever. There are things not yet proven.


Therefore, I cannot believe that Star Trek, in its exact replica, with Captain Spock, in the form of actor Leonard Nimoy exists out there in some distant planet. Why? Because Star Trek with its dialogue and sets, are all the creation of someone’s imagination.

I thus told Nick to prove him wrong, “I now imagine ‘A Pink and Yellow Zebra Striped Elephant with Wings of Cotton Candy, flying out there whilst wearing Paul Frank boots’. Do you think this exists?”

He says “Yes, it’s possible.”

I can’t prove it doesn’t exist, but I know with absolute certainty that it doesn’t.

Why? Cause I imagined it. Simple.

No need for all the “16 dimensions have been discovered. There could be more… yaddi yaddi yadda” “Mathematical variations bla blab la…”

It doesn’t exist,Nick. It doesn’t.

Similarly, I asked Nick, “Are you saying its possible that “A Ghandi look-a-like, with 2 butt cheeks, each in fact the face of Osama and Saddam Hussein” could exist?”

He said “Yes, it could”.

Yup, he did. He says that this product of my imagination could exist.

He also says that it’s possible for Terminator, who looks like Arnie and events out of that script, as directed by James Cameron could exist out there, in a different dimension. A Bruce Willis ghost is also putting a little Haley Joel Osment’s sixth sense through its paces out there.

Well I’m sorry. I can’t say the same. If that’s being small minded, so be it.

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