Below is a bunch of random thoughts swimming around in my head…

I’ve got the evil “sleepy all the time” virus. A virus that I used to get whenever exams were around the corner. Except now, I don’t have exams, just work.

Which sucks cause there’s no end to work.

Which scares me… why do I equate work with exams?

I’m having loadsa fun dragonboating on Sundays. Totally tanned but lovin’ it.

Can’t wait for Singapore!

I’m sorry T for missing your Long Call. I had to go for a Meeting that day. ๐Ÿ™ Congratulations though! Missing your presence at work! Hugs!

Not worth it.

I hate the Local Censorship Board. Just don’t let the movie show at the cinema if you’re going to rape the script beyond comprehension.

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  1. ish okay =) miss having lunch with you and that F.O.S. J of yours! lol we have to organise a meeting one day!

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