Tonight, on a very special re-cap episode…

I just celebrated my 3rd year anniversary with Jason, we stayed at G Hotel in Penang. (Here’s a tip: The cheaper “Superior Room” is much nicer than the “Deluxe Room”.) So it’s official, he’s the longest lasting bf I’ve ever had… and probably the last bf I will (or want to) have. (Muax!)

I’ve got tickets to see Rihanna!!! Wheee… ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m treating my brother to his first concert and will be going to watch it with Jason, Nick, Arch and Winnie. Nyahahahaha!

I can’t wait to shout “-ella! ella! ella!” with the rest of the crowd. ๐Ÿ™‚
I also can’t wait to hear Jason shout “Justice Rider!” when it’s “Just ain’t right!”

I also managed to get a cute lil’ blue dress from Topshop, 50% off! Perfect to wear to the concert. (If I can tahan and not wear it until then. :P)

CNY is just round the corner, I would go shopping for more clothes but the shops in the malls are just blasting those awful bastardized CNY songs right now… so not conducive for shopping.

What else… hmm… well work is work.

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