Tadaa! The Exhausted Garlic Peeler!

My mom is a kitchen appliance nut. She’s got 3 different fruit juicers etc. etc.

But most recently she bought herself a garlic skin peeler —> basically a rubber tube in which you put a couple of cloves of garlic in, then you rub the tube in your hands till the skin comes off.

Anyway, the box had the best lines I’d seen in quite some time.

The exhausted garlic does not injury, rips the garlic skin such to be simple

Time-saving reduces effort, to be quickly convenient

This product uses the import high polymer elastic silica gel material to make environmental, wear-resisting, but the elder uses. The outward appearance is novel, the easy to operate, compared to the manual exhausted garlic skin quick several fold, the exhausted garlic does not injury, reduces effort quickly. Uses digs up the principle dry, does not need the water and electricity, does not need to service, is the family, the restaurant, the hotel, the cafeteria and so on exhausted garlic good helper!

Will do the big garlic cloves to put in the mysterious garlic rosser, then the keep flat on the tabletop, back and forth rolls from the fingertip to the palm with the strength 360 degrees rubs several seconds, hears after the sound, the garlic skin falls off, the exhausted garli skin relaxed, is rapid, is clean, in the hand will not have the unusual smell, the finger will not be stimulated by the garlic juice.

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