More Pottermore Please!

Like any self-professed nerd would, I signed up for Pottermore with the very first of them.

After what felt like ages to a Harry Potter nut like me, I got my Welcome Email yesterday. I’ve spent 3 hours on the website already and whilst there is room for improvement (it is just in its BETA version after all), I’m so not even 0.001% done with my visit to the website.

Since one of my major fantasies/goals-in-life is to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Pottter in Orlando Florida and buy myself a wand, it is of course no surprise that my favourite thing about the website so far was the trip to Ollivanders – answer 7 questions and get your own wand. 

My wand is made of sycamore wood, has a phoenix feather core, 10 inches and is slightly springy.
Of course, the major attraction to Pottermore in the first place was the fact that the amazing Ms. JK Rowling is giving us lots of background on the stories.

The information she has provided on just the type of wand woods alone is freaking awesome. To think that she  could have chosen to make even more money by publishing a book “written” by Ollivander, just makes me worship her more.

As I’m a lawyer and am therefore terrified of being sued for the hassle it will most certainly entail, I’m not gonna cut and paste the information she has placed on her website regarding wand woods or cores. I just love it that sycamore wood wands combust if allowed to become “bored”, which is so me. 

The day that I spontaneously combust in my office is surely on its way.

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