Taking the Phi-ss.

Today, J was looking at my older entries and got me looking through some of them too. I forgot so many of them!

I came across my old ’08 entries on Phi Phi Island, and they’ve got me thinking how bad the island now is. ๐Ÿ™

Tonsai Bay (don’t believe Google Images) – I renamed Pangsai (Hokkien for Shit) Bay. The whole stretch was littered in crap!

Bamboo Island – Jason and I actually screamed in the Public Toilets. Every cubicle had something Freddy Krueger horrible in it e.g. used tampon in a soap dish.

Thai Hospitality – Apparently now reserved for Chavs/Chavettes from the UK who spend 80% of the day stinking of beer. We saw two Chavettes smoking knee deep in the sea, then one Chavette actually runs up to the beach to put out her cigarette. With. Her. Foot. She then topped it off by covering the cigarette butt she left behind with sand. Yup. Such class! The other Chavette probably just chucked her cigarrette butt into the ocean which would then float with the rest of the debris that you will find simply floating in the sea surrounding Phi Phi Island.

The Chinese Cometh – Yes, I’m a Malaysian of Chinese descent and therefore I should feel some kinship for them. But, no. No, I don’t. I really don’t. I felt like punching the locals who burst into Mandarin at me.

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