Oh dear, an entry a year.

I suppose a good thing about being a mom of two now is that I can blame my very lethargic blogging style on the fact that I am a mom of two.

I think too many things are going on for me to compress into bite-sized entries.

I do want to put things down before I forget it all though so here’s another attempt at resuscitating this zombie of a blog.

Felix is now two and a half and this is what he looks like
playing with home made gloop of his favourite colour.
…and this is Alexis, my adorable little girl who is 8 weeks old today!

I uploaded this same picture of Alexis on Twitter and Facebook too, but I love this picture so much so I’m using it again.

No intention of posting pictures of what Jason and I look like now, suffice to say we could may have gained some weight. 
My maternity leave is ending in a month’s time and (no surprise) I am not looking forward to it.

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