Back on the saddle again.

The last time I blogged was 6 years ago!

There’s far too much to recap to squeeze into just one post. Hopefully, I’ll actually keep up with this hobby again and all the things that happened will find its way into my future posts here, and if it doesn’t, ah well.

I’m blogging again because I signed up for a WordPress course on Udemy and it made me really want to have a fancy website of my own. The dilettante strikes again! I also feel some guilt and regret for not journaling Felix and Alexis growing up. It’d be nice to have somewhere to go to and recall all the funny, sweet and irritating moments apart from my photos.

I knew time would fly by and my memory isn’t the best but I also felt like, I wanted to just live, and documenting would have been nice but most of the time I could barely keep it together and doubt my posts would have been fun to read. Yup, a lot of whining.

Anyway, here’s to the kajillionth time trying.

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