Not nailing it.

Yesterday was a day of mishaps.

Lazada delivered “safety” pet nail clippers that Lok’s ex-owner had recommended to me, and I very excitedly decided to give Loki a manicure. Big. Mistake.

I thought that if I just followed the guide on the nail clipper it wouldn’t be too deep. I should have been thinking of the length of the nails in the first place. So stupid. I also could have watched more instructional videos before doing it. Urgh, I should not have done it. Period.

Loki laid on my lap and gave me his paw in his usual super compliant and docile soft-toy-come-to-life way, but the moment I clipped his nail, he snapped his whole body to attention, and looked at me with a “WTF was that?!” face.

Pitiful victim paw today.

I looked down on his nail and the blood slowly oozed and pooled into a droplet and trickled out. Of course I freaked out immediately and told Jason (who was napping) that Loki was bleeding. Jason promptly started telling me off. He had been saying I should just leave well alone for ages. I started crying.

We took tissue and pressed the nail til it stopped bleeding. Thankfully, it didn’t take very long to stop, but I cried again when I saw blood on the fur around the nail.

After he went for his evening walk, he bled again and left blood prints on the floor, so of course, that set me off again.

I also very elegantly broke the Ikea laptop table we are using as a coffee table.

Why does my Owner suck?

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