Conversations with Friends

To stop my incessant online shopping, I’ve decided to pick up a book instead of immediately proceeding to checkout. As a result, I’m now reading Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney.

I saw ads for Rooney’s recently published third novel, Beautiful World, Where Are you and liked the series Normal People, so I chose her debut novel.

The secondary school first love relationship was depicted really well in Normal People. The characters’ vulnerableness was palpable. The actor Paul Mescal is uber likeable. Unfortunately, the plot took a rubbish turn at the end. I regretted recommending the show to others before finishing it.

All hail gorgeous book covers!
Daisy Edgar Jones and Paul Mescal in Normal People, Hulu

Yes, Marianne is self-destructive but it didn’t stop her choices from being gross and unrelateable. If I knew where things were heading, I wouldn’t have watched the series at all.

I can also see from the book that Rooney likes her characters who, like her, are gifted in English and attended Trinity College, Dublin. Pretty sure Rooney must have hoildayed in expensive European villas when she was in uni too.

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