I hope she does not have too many complaints about me.

The true crime fanatic monster that was woken by The Jinx and Serial in 2016 has met the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie case and she is ravenous for more. It is not a “whodunnit” cause duh, we all think he did it. This case just has so many intriguing elements!

It shows how fake social media is.

Exhibit A

Gabby and Brian‘s very filtered and put together instagram feeds of their artsy easy breezy lives. Ironically, I noticed her instagram following jumped from 900k to 1 million in just 2 nights, and I think his went from 60 to 300k?

Exhibit B

Their Nomadic Statik youtube video depicting a loved up couple living an idyllic camper #vanlife. This video has now reached 4.7 million views!

It feeds “Don’t F with Cats” type wannabe sleuths.

The title of this post was taken straight from Brian from the full police bodycam video of their domestic violence incident just before she disappeared.

The comments section of the video is teeming with viewers analyzing the dialogue, body language, etc. “He said he had no phone so he freaks out, but she said he needed a phone charger!” “He claimed she grabbed the wheel? She denied it!”

It shows how shit laws are.

Learned from the video that if a woman hits a man to stop him from talking instead of wanting to cause him harm or hurt, it can be classed as just a mental health break?!

Since men and women must be treated the same, doesn’t this mean a man can hit a woman? Claim he just wanted her to stop talking, and it could be swept under the rug? I mean we hear all the time how men want women to speak less.

It shows how social media is useful despite superficiality.

Tiktok videos helped in the investigation!

There was a YouTube video of a car dash cam capturing the van parked close to where the body was eventually found. There was a Tiktok video about Brian hitchhiking with the TikToker at the critical period and how he was all scruffy and agitated.

It shows social media still sucks.

We all know Gabby stayed with Brian longer than she should have. Was it because she wanted to preserve a fictional happy relationship she created for social media?

It’s still ongoing!

The coroners confirmed that it is a homicide. Brian is on the run thanks to his parents.

When and how will Brian be caught?

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