Die Hard? Good. Love Actually? Good. Love Hard? Good!

It’s really tempting to act all culturally superior and denounce Love Hard without even watching it.

After all, it completely comes across as another Netflix cheap shot at milking Christmas rom-com fans BUT this movie is actually good! Or should I say it’s good actually.

I’m not even a Nina Dobrev fan as I never got sucked into The Vampire Diaries. If you wish to indulge in some vampire screen time, your time is far better spent watching True Blood or What We Do In The Shadows.

It’s funny how I didn’t realise how much representation matters. When I first watched Black Panther, I didn’t understand the hype on how important it was to African Americans. Bingeing K-dramas, watching Shang Chi, and now Love Hard has changed that. I complete get now the comfort and reassurance it provides.

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