Reunited and it felt so good.

Thanks to the pandemic, I hadn’t seen my sister and her family for almost 2 years. So it was wonderful to have her back in Malaysia for 3 weeks in December. Thus the total blogging absence or so the dilettante desperately tries to justify. Haha.

One of the many highlights of her visit was our stay at Sekeping Serendah and day trip to The Sticks!

We stopped to have the giant prawns at Yew Li Restaurant in Serendah before checking in to Sekeping. So glad we made the stop! Just have to ask for their signature style.

Sekeping itself was just gorgeous, but as luck would have it, there was a wedding at the Orang Asli village, so we e had to put up with quite a bit of Mat Rock karaoke. We still enjoyed our ๆ‰“่€่™Ž barbecue. It was so convenient to just tear open the pre-marinated meats on sticks and plonk them on the grill. The coal was masterfully set up by the Sekeping Caretaker but he never returned with a pair of kitchen scissors he promised. The best set was the Korean one for sure.

The Sticks was also lovely as anticipated but it was really busy and one of their staff members started to ask us if they could clean the huts at about 5? Considering the day trip period ends at 6:30, they really shouldn’t have at all. Marred the experience. They also didn’t serve us keropok lekor for tea like the last visit, so we were served just banana pisang and French toast. Since the latter is far far tastier than the former, there was simply not enough French toast to go around. When we asked for more French toast, the staff made another 2 slices, so 4 more triangles. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Ridiculous.

Anyway, before I knew it, the 2 weeks with us were over. My sister’s family is back in Singapore. Can’t wait for the next meet up. Fingers crossed for Club Med Bali in September! Haha.

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