We watched The Batman last Thursday and I just loved it.

Even though the screen was black most of the time (a pet peeve), I just loved the detective vibe of the whole show. Robert Pattinson is also the Batman that all women deserve in return for all the unsought action films we put up with for our other halves. Gorgeous.

I’m also watching Euphoria and this series is just… crazy. There’s so much to process each episode. I’m glad it isn’t just the pure emo, we want to cut or kill ourselves teen trope that I thought it might be.

I was also rabidly listening, reading and watching all the Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos stuff.

Apart from all the media content I’ve been consuming, I’ve been feeling very content. It doesn’t feel appropriate considering all the Russia-Ukraine madness but in my own little world, I have been doing alright.

J and I solved our decade long plumbing woes and showers in our house are finally hotel level epic. I had been nagging J to install an instant water heater in place of the concealed rain shower we have in the guest bathroom but he decided to get a proper plumber to diagnose the issues we’ve been having instead.

Turned out our water pump was leaking, our existing storage water heater was too small and its motherboard gone, our water pipes were of random dimensions and sometimes not connected to the water pump when it should be.

The final magic touch was simply swapping the shower handle for a high pressure shower handle from Shopee! These babies seriously work. RM18 and it’s like a urine trickle to Niagara Falls. Haha.

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