Blink and you’ll miss it.

Once again, the last few weeks have passed by in a whirl.

Felix and Alexis took part in their first swim meet two weeks ago. It was very ambitious of us because they had only attended seven or eight classes before the Swimin12 Sports Day. Alexis was very insistent that she want to take part because she wanted to get a medal. Fortunately, the little miss got what she wanted and went home with a silver medal.

Our silver medalist and consolation prize winner 😂

I also took Felix and Alexis ice skating at 163 Mont Kiara. It’s a tiny ice skating rink but really fun since it’s not so crowded. Skates there are still very new. The ones at Sunway Pyramid were vile. I paid RM5 for newer ones at Sunway Pyramid but the pair they gave Alexis looked pretty worn in, and when we swapped that pair for the older ones instead, she got a blister that burst in 20 minutes.

Can’t wait to go again.

Alexis is flaunting her new bob in the pictures. Really Jason’s child, can’t stop looking at her reflection and loving her new hair.

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