Cunningham Recklessness

Well… I did something stupid.

Background facts

During the Covid lockdown, we adopted Loki. Loki is a pomapoo. It was August 2020, and he was 8 months old at the time. J was overjoyed. It had been J’s dream to have a dog for many years, albeit a more “manly” one.

Loki is an absolute soft toy come to life. He can be noisy (will bark at cats, bigger dogs, and anyone or anything that passes our home) and cheeky (will climb onto our sofa when we aren’t home) but it really felt like Loki was always meant to be part of our family. I love our little cuddle sessions.

Anyway, Loki was part of a litter of 3 male puppies. Leo, Loki’s Pomeranian father, was just 7 months old when he impregnated Mimi, a Poodle, with (fun fact) just 1 testicle. Last of the lot, Loki gave Mimi a hard time and couldn’t be birthed naturally. Fortunately for us, the vet thought Loki was a female puppy and for that reason alone, Loki’s ex-owners decided to fork out for a c-section.

At 8 months, 5 dogs was more than Loki’s ex-owners could handle and he was offered to us for adoption. J and I have had many many quarrels over Loki cause J really spoils Loki and I get super jealous and irritated.

Tortious act

A few months ago, Loki’s ex-owners asked us if we would be open to adopting Loofie as well.

They wanted Leo’s bloodline to continue and decided to buy an all white female Pomeranian to breed with Leo. At the pet store, they came across an adorable brown and black Pomeranian with heart problems and ending up buying her as well. Again, they found themselves with 6 dogs and needed to give one up.

They didn’t want Loofie to be totally alone in the world and thought reuniting Loofie with Loki would cushion things for Loofie.

J was alright with the idea but I straight up declined cause it’s another household expense and tried to convince J’s sister to adopt Luffy. I was already imagining all the play dates Loki and Loofie could have. Alas, her future condo doesn’t allow pets.

J and I then offered Loofie to another family that we knew love dogs (so that Loki and Loofie might have play dates still). After I made the offer, I realised that I wanted Loofie myself. I couldn’t sleep cause I kept thinking they’d accept. So before they accepted, I deleted my messages to them and told Loki’s ex-owners that we’d take Loofie.


Loofie has been with us for 15 days. It was really challenging. He had diarrhoea for 4 days due to antihistamines. He’s only used to pooping indoors. At the worst, Jason had to get up 3 times at night to clean up his poop in our bedroom. We forgot about dog grills that we could use to make Loofie poop on pee pads only. Using that now, thank God.

Poor Loki was so used to being the only pooch in the house. Loki hasn’t had any peace since Loofie came. Loofie shadows and bugs Loki to no end.

Loofie is so different from Loki. Kinda gross actually, haha. He burps and farts. He does this thing where his face looks just like Snoop Dogg and we call him that quite often. I was thinking of switching his name to Snoopy but J rejected the idea.

Luckily, Loofie is still adorable in a goofy way and hopefully his fur will grow out soon!

Alexis with her furbros

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