Podcasts in my AirPods

I’ve been on a podcast binge lately.

I found Slate’s Slow Burn and listened to 3 seasons – Biggie and Tupac, Clinton and Watergate. All these major historical events that I know of but knew nothing much of.

As a kid, I had created my own account of what these events were all about and never bothered to get a fuller picture.

New York/California rappers/gangsters shot each other. Puff Daddy will see the fat one that died when he gets there. The End.

US president cheats on wife with Monica Lewinsky and a stained dress proved it. The End.

Top US classified information was stolen from some kinda military base near a water dam (thus Watergate, duh) and Nixon was the bad guy. The End.

All 3 seasons were so good! Told in an interesting way and thought provoking.

I also finished Sweet Bobby. Catfishing that lasted 8 years? The perpetrator is indisputably repugnant but it’s still really hard not to victim blame. Why isn’t there an insistence to turn on the camera, ever etc.

My Year in MENSA was also hilarious. Elitism mixed with Alt+R political incorrectness, plus Facebook. Cocktail for comedy. I never knew Mensa is what Spanish speaking folks call idiotic or stupid women. Haha.

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