When I watched Mulan as a kid, I remember a particular lyric of the song, Matchmaker striking a real chord in me. My mom regularly nagged me to 快手快脚, and here was Disney declaring

Men want girls with good taste



Who work fast-paced

With good breeding

And a tiny waist

You’ll bring honor to us all

The virtue of being efficient suddenly seemed unquestionably true. So I’m always trying to complete tasks as fast as I can. I take pleasure not only in doing something right, but doing it fast too. I’m pretty sure that this mantra of mine has not helped my blood pressure readings and is why I’ve been on medication for 5 years.

The latest toll for my dumb quest to work fast paced is that I slammed the car door on my own thumb. Just because I saw that a water bottle had been left on one of the kid’s bikes overnight as I was exiting the car. So I wanted to get to it as fast as I could to wash it up.

The pain was insane! It happened in the morning but my thumb was still throbbing at night. I had to go to the clinic to get painkillers.

I don’t even know why I felt that I needed to rush. Really need to work on just slowing down.

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