Bingeing things

Like many, I’ve been bingeing Stranger Things. The best thing about Season 4 is that J finally watched it with me. Of course, he got hooked. So when I rewatched Seasons 1 to 3 during the month long break before Season 4: Volume 2, Jason watched Season 3 with me too.

I didn’t like Season 2 very much the first time I saw it. Especially the 11-centric episode. Kali? Nope. Lost Boys references? Nope.

Rewatching Season 2, I realized I was nitpicking. It wasn’t half as bad as I remembered. In fact, there were so many nods in Season 4 to previous seasons that it was fun spotting all the Easter eggs.

Season 3 remains my favourite season though. Who doesn’t like bright neon colours and Terminator references?

Back when Season 3 was released, I also discovered a hilarious after show podcast called Streaming Things which has excellent hosts with the kind of humour I appreciate. One of them does a killer Dr Brenner impression which makes me snort laugh out loud every time.

I decided to write them an email of my Season 5 predictions and was super happy last night when my email was chosen for their mailbag episode! Hahaha… I totally prefer their counter-predictions to mine because theirs is a lot more positive and I’m all for happy endings.

Can’t wait for Season 5.

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