Amazing S***

I just finished S*** Town by Serial productions and was as intrigued by it as I was in 2016 when I listened to Season 1 of Serial.

When I first listened to S*** Town awhile back, I lost interest at the very beginning as it was so different from Serial. How silly of me, and how glad I am that I gave it a second try.

One of my superpowers is my extreme negativity. My mind often goes from sweet innocent topics like puppies to institutionalised racism in nanoseconds. So listening to John’s frequent negative rants about living in S*** Town Alabama sounded eerily familiar to me.

John ended up pushing so many people away because of his negativity. I say s*** about life here too and that’s not what I want. Even more so, my kids also love repeating the things I say nowadays and I do not want them echoing me in this way.

I do feel the things I say about where I am are logically and rationally truths. Being the chatterbox I am, I find it hard to keep these things to myself.

John could have moved away was something one of the closest friends he lost said. Whilst that is true for me too, I actually think that moving away is not something I need to do.

I wasted a few years of my secondary school life wallowing in misery because I returned from the UK. I emerged from that with a very clear understanding that happiness follows me, where I am, where I go. Happiness is not buried treasure, it is not marked with an X on a pirate’s map.

One of John’s tattoos read “each wounds, the last kills” and it refers to moments of time. Such a smart riddle but I’m not going to subscribe to that view. Each is in fact a gift.

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