Despite my best intentions, I am once again updating far too long after my last post.

It’s a struggle to do all of the things I want to do even when I have the luxury of time. The days slip past even faster when happy and despite all my whinging, I am happy.

I was searching for a blog title and this fits best.

Pakatan Harapan did not form a majority government but hopefully things work out better than before. It is really hard to be optimistic due to PTSD from the Sheraton Move.

As a hardcore consumer of books, TV shows, podcasts and what not, it’s really hard to recall right now all the things I was supposed to blog about in a regular timely manner.

I basically got obsessed with all things opioids first and then crypto cause I’m a sceptic and I’m constantly entertained by the scams and frauds in the land of tech crap.

Fell in love with these 2 Korean Netflix shows too.

The Glory which is all about a girl getting bullied who took revenge is IMPOSSIBLE for me to dislike. I am not a forgive and forget type. When I believe I’ve been wronged, I am a “curses upon you, your family, 8 generations, up, down, side to side” type cause that’s what they did in China and it made total sense.

On that light note, I’m going too stop here, and hopefully blog more consistently again.

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