How to sing “I love you” in 1991

“Baby Baby”, I know I don’t have to “Justify My Love”,

But I’ve decided I would since “I’ve Been Thinking About You” ,

I wanna give you “More Than Words” like “I Adore Mi Amor”,

Cause I just know that “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”,

After all, this is “The First Time” I’ve ever been with “All the Man That I Need”,

I used to think “Someday” maybe and even that I won’t ever give it “One More Try”,

What’s the point of all the “Rush Rush”, cause “I Don’t Wanna Cry”,

I told myself it’s just a “Joyride” not worth the “Good Vibrations”,

“Coming Out of the Dark” was “Unbelievable”,

You came along and it’s been all “Romantic” “Emotions”,

I know it’s so true, and I’ve said to myself “You’re in Love”,

“I Like the Way (The Kissing Game)” is when we play it,

“The Promise of a New Day” is amazing now I know what its like “When a Man Loves a Woman”,

I can’t wait to go with you and “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”,

It’s not always “Black or White” but it is when I say “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You”.

[Was feeling corny, and inspired by this list :)]


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  2. hey! quite cool thing to do.. i always remembered that ad in the tube in london… i might do one as well. 😀

    yeah… ill do it now..:P

  3. I sooooo did not get this from an any ad in the tube.. it was just late at night and I was mesing around on wikipedia and found these lists.. I wanted to do 1981 cause that was when jason was born.. but i clicked the wrong year!

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